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Wellness Services

Providing Everything You Need to Feel Healthy, Energetic and Rejuvenated 

Drug and Syringe

Intramuscular Vitamin Injections

                  B12                               LIPO B12   
             Glutathione                      Vitamin D
              B Complex                          LIPO +

B12 -Increase energy levels, speed up metabolism, improve sleep patterns, concentration, mood,  immune system.

LIPO B12- with the addition of the amino acids methionine, inositol, and choline, fat metabolism is enhanced.

Vitamin D- is a nutrient for building and maintaining primarily healthy bones, as well as,skin, and hair.

Glutathione- made from amino acids, known as the "mother of antioxidants,"  integral in tissue building, repair, and immune system function.

B Complex- combination of B vitamins useful for metabolism, sleep, irritability, fatigue, mental health, and more.

Citrus Fruits

IV Hydration $225
NS IV Hydration $150

Myers Cocktail


Skin Hair Nails

Reboot (hangover relief)

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